A land of myth and magic, fear and hope.

Swashbuckling southern musketeers, daring slave lords of the free cities, and the embittered remains of the once great Ysgarn northern men confront the expansion of the world’s great Republic.

Before the republic, elf and dwarf are subjugated as the age of man beckons. But higher forces dabble and influence the wills of men.

Think swashbuckling fantasy clashes with sword and sorcery.

10 things to guide you in developing the world

1. Most of D&D is present, but dinosaurs, giant animals and greek myths have mostly been cut.
2. Tone; Dark, cloudy.
3. All of the D&D magic is present.
4. Technologies, ideologies and cultures clash, not many large kingdoms are left, but city states have emerged from the chaos. Against this backdrop, the republic slowly takes over.
5. The full 5th edition planar system exists.
6. Most fantastic creatures have extra planar origins, even if their origin was epochs ago.
7. The world uses the typical “North is cold and up” system. Roughly 1/3 of the surface will be detailed to begin with. The Northern, Midlands and Southern lands of the Eastern Hemisphere. At least two other continents exist, but for now they are unimportant.


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